Friday, January 08, 2010

Of Lights And Black Clouds

I got up early just to sit in the dark with only the lights of the Christmas tree for company. I love doing that. I haven't had enough of it yet so the tree may stay up all weekend.

Don't you just have to chuckle (afterwards that is) when you are all calm and serene and then in two seconds flat you are bitchy and irritable? I went from laying on the couch soaking in the beauty of the lights to walking around with a black cloud above my head in what seemed a blink of an eye. I had certain expectations and life threw something else my way. I'm grateful to know that black clouds are entirely of my own making. When I accepted my reality the black cloud disappeared. And then I could chuckle.

We've had -30C and colder all week. Today is balmy in comparison. There are two little creatures who will literally howl with delight when I ask them if they want to go outside. They will race each other to the door and then turn to look at me as if to ask, What`s taking you so long. Yesterday Energizer Bunny got so carried away howling with excitement when dearest one came home from work that she fell off the bay window.

I have never seen a Pug with a black cloud over it`s head.


steveroni said...

Not too manuy homes in our neighborhood have fireplaces. But we do, have not used it for several years, but Prayer girl is out right now splitting logs, for tonight is the first of several VERY cold ones for South FL.

Well, she is at the market, to buy some logs which another has split...I lied, right?

Nice to visit with you, Hope.

One Prayer Girl said...

It is very hard to catch complete alone and quiet time in front of our tree. Maybe I'll leave mine up through the weekend too in the hopes of being able to still do that a little more.


annieoddflower said...

HA! My little tree is still up, for the same reason!

And I am slowly learning those little secrets about black clouds, how they are often of my own making and how my acceptance can make them disappear.

Enchanted Oak said...

I love the thought of you sitting serenely on the couch with just the Christmas lights on. You must have been so serene the dark side of the force said, Let's rile her up! Hence the expectations. I hope you prayed them away and returned to your zen state. It sounded very lovely.

Evelyn said...

I always feel SO guilty when I drag the poor Christmas tree outside to the curb. Yes, it will be chipped up and recycled, but I still feel the guilt. Then, next year, I buy another tree.
Good for you, keeping it up a little longer to enjoy the lights. Oh, and yes, do I ever understand that black cloud!

Daisy said...

Pug with a black cloud.... funny one, Hope!