Tuesday, January 05, 2010


"Dubai unveils world's tallest building."

That's the headline I read on the web announcing the opening of the world's tallest building. I thought, "Don't they have to cover something up in order to unveil it? That would take one big bed sheet."

It was funny to me. I needed a sense of humour yesterday. Work was very busy and for noise accompaniment there was an alarm system beeping every 5 seconds. It was interspersed with another alarm going off every time someone opened the main doors outside my office. Which happened about 150 times. I was serenaded for 8 hours straight. About 5 minutes before day's end the fix it man figured out how to silence the whole lot. By then my beepity beeps were giving the buildings' beeps a run for their money. I bet a bed sheet could have come in handy for muffling the noise. A big one.


Daisy said...

Ha! Could take a while to pull that sheet off...

Hubby was in Dubai 2 or 3 years ago. He found it a very interesting place to visit.


Kathy M. said...

Funny! Thanks for staring my day with a smile.

annieoddflower said...

I have to agree with you Hope! That's funny! I hope all the beeps have quit ringing through your head!

One Prayer Girl said...

Lots of humor in this post.

I'm afraid of heights. I would never go up in that building. Just looking at the picture makes me feel a little weird.