This was in my email today, from this site:

Day 11:
What are your predictions for 2012?
Your Answer:
I may have mixed feelings about turning 50 but mostly I'm going to be happy to be alive.
I must have answered this a year ago as it's nearly time for this year's questions to arrive in my mail. I can say that I am grateful to be 50 and definitely happy to be alive.

Today I contacted my family doctor and requested time off until after I recuperate from surgery. It was no problem to get a medical leave note for up to six weeks off. Last week the surgeon commented that my nerves were raw. Yep, they are.

I need to allow myself to be off work, which is hard to do. I take such pride in doing my job but reality is the world will not collapse if I'm not at my desk. There was a time when I thought it would. My sister laughed the other day when I told her it made no logical sense to take time off. She said that was so typical of me - to need to find the logic in order to make sense of something.

I knew I had my answer to whether or not I needed to take time off when I felt incredible relief at the thought of being home. My shoulders dropped back to below my ears when I had the doctor's note in my hand this morning.