Monday, January 11, 2010

I Get To....

I wondered what kind of pictures would pop up when I typed perspective into a search engine. This one showed on the first page and I quite liked it.

Today I am grateful for some perspective.
We spent last night at the ER because dearest one
had a migraine that worsened as the day went on.
I sat and took in those smells that
can only be found in a hospital.
I was so grateful that we were there for a a short time.
Grateful that medication would make a world of difference
in how dearest one felt.
Grateful that we would be walking out of there together.

Today was a day of remembering the phrase "I get to..." as opposed to the thinking that "I have to...."

It was good to be reminded.


One Prayer Girl said...

Grateful to hear that the migraine was treatable.

God bless both of you.


steveroni said...


DOWN with migrains! Never had one, never WANT one. Good luck to dearest one. Hope it is gone by now.

Anonymous said...

Your name "Hope" brought me to your blog!


Daisy said...

Glad it all worked out. Hope Dearest One's feeling better, soon. Hate migraines!

Thank you for the "I get to" reminder which I find very necessary particularly in the middle of January.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Sorry about the migraine. I had those for years, thank God for a husband well versed in healing I had never tried, upper cervical chiropractic was my saving grace and God showed me the way through Love.

Good stuff..

Praying for healing for your dearest and grateful for "I get to..."

Enchanted Oak said...

I'm so glad I get to read your blog this morning and be reminded that I get to do so many wonderful things today, as opposed to having to do them.

daisymarie said...

We often remind each other of the "get tos" like: we get to work extra...Thankful for meds that eased his pain!

Erin said...

Oh my. Praying for both of you, Hope.


Renee said...

Thanks you, once again. I get to. Now that is a day changer!