Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Paper Bag Nerves

"I need a paper bag to scream in to."

I said that to one of my coworkers near quitting time.
Lordy, what a day that was yesterday.
I was feeling down right rattled.

A rare feeling.
Thank God.
I used to go looking for situations
that would get me rattled.
Oh, the drama.
"More, please" was my cry.

Thank God I no longer
have a hankering for drama.
I truly did feel like screaming just to vent my frustration though.
I totally lost my perspective for a bit.
Had I a paper bag and some privacy I would have done just that.
A good scream can do wonders for getting the nerves settled.
Works for me, anyway.

Thankfully the beeping was not serenading me every 5 seconds.
I cannot imagine what that would have added to the mix.
The furnace didn't work though.
It was -30C outside and 14C in the office.
The fix-it man showed up promptly and soon
I could take my coat and gloves off.
I'm all for short lived inconveniences.

A friend of mine used to tell me that
the best she could do some days
was be grateful there was a night between two days.
I am grateful for many things on any given day,
AA has taught me that,
but I must say a good night's sleep
between yesterday and today is high on the list.


Jim said...

"Things happen" is part of my own philosophy, as you probably know, but adopting such view doesn't mean the walk through it all gets any easier. I've always liked that verse in Romans where we're told it is from "faith" to "faith" and that the journey in-between is where we leatn the "righteousness of God". My own perspective on that tends to see me also learning how "un"-righteous I yet am in who and what I am. No excuses and all the more reason to run to the oasis. Easy to read here that, within your experiences, He is your inner well.....

Evelyn said...

Ah, I think I may need that thought "to be thankful there is a night between two days". I'm one week into working my second job for tax season, and I am TIRED!
Yes, I am grateful for the night, and that I am able to rest.

I DO appreciate your blog! :)