Thursday, November 19, 2009

Schmuckety Schmuck

Those Puglies are waiting for dearest one, who's been gone since yesterday morning, to come home. When it was bed time last night I went looking for the Energizer Bunny (on the left) and she was laying on the arm of the loveseat looking out the window, waiting for him. I'll be gone when dearest one comes home tonight and I can only imagine the ruckus that will ensue when they see his car come in the yard. They put their front feet on the bay window and point their noses straight up in the air and howl. Then they race up and down the hallway, trying to figure out which door he'll come in. They are pure love in action.

Dearest one is in city far away. Wish I could give the details. He has accomplished something pretty huge and I am incredibly proud of him. Wish I was there with him but we couldn't make it work to be together as he celebrates several years of hard work completed. I will be away from home from this afternoon until Sunday night.

Those Puglies did sleep in bed with me last night. They jump up on the bed - the bed that is so high off the floor that we put a chair in the right spot so they can jump in - and then they just walk all over a person until they find the spot they want for the night. My skin hurts to be touched. If you would put your finger anywhere on my limbs and push I would be in pain. I forget that until there is a Pug standing on my arms or legs as they try to settle in for the night. Ouch. I have two little Pug paw shaped bruises on my leg to show for it.

As I'm fond of saying, of most anything,
"If that's my biggest problem in life, then I have no problems."
We live such a privileged life.
I've had several things happen this week to remind me of that.
Unbloggable, but definitely perspective shifting events.
Perspective is a gift.

And then there are times when I lose persepctive and my God reminds me what a schmuck I'm being. Like yesterday. I had to drop something off at the hospital, where parking is atrocious. As I turned onto the hospital grounds I started to pray for a parking space and then gave my head a shake. I know there is nothing too small to pray about but praying for a parking space is a pretty self serving kind of prayer in my books. So I stopped that and instead gave thanks for having the ability to walk wherever I need to and so if I had to park blocks away, big friggin deal.

And then I make a right turn, to the place up top where there are 5 parking spots right outside the hospital doors. There is one spot open and instead of being grateful, I start grumbling to myself that I will have to parallel park. See? I can be such a schmuck sometimes. I hate parallel parking. Then I get the proverbial smack up the side of the head, the reminder that jeesh there are some people who would complain if their ice cream was cold, or say, if they get a parking spot right outside the hospital doors and don't have to use those two perfectly fine legs to walk very far.


Lou said...

I will read any post that has pictures of those guys..just kidding..I enjoy reading you always.

But those two really get to me. I'm so wanting a puggly. Love the part about pure love in action.

Gabriella Moonlight said... usual you give me a light of Hope! Thank you! Your babies are adorable! The fawn baby looks a bit like miss lula!!!

I hope they raise the roof when he gets home and when you return there's all sorts of love all around.

Congrats to your DH for the 'award' he is getting or accolades!!!

Thank you as always!

Mary LA said...

Your pugs are adorable.

And I love the way you get things in perspective. Gratitude.

Mary LA

owen said...

Which one is Schmuckety?

daisymarie said...

I'm aware of a few of those kind of complainers...I try so hard not to be one...sometimes I succeed.

I love the look of pur love on those puggles.

Many blessings as you are away this weekend! Both the kind you give and get!!!!!

Black Pete said...

Eloquent as ever, Hopester, and I like the pugsters as well. Just a quick FYI--"schmuck" is Yiddish for penis.

Puts a whole different spin on your posting. Then again, maybe not.

God's Grace.

Daisy said...

Awww, look at those cute little puglets. I do know what you mean about the pain inflicted by those pointy paws which is akin to having a large person wearing stilletos stepping on you; that's a lot of weight distributed on tiny areas.

I am grateful that you often remind me to be grateful.

Congrats to dearest one!

enchantedoak said...

Your sweethearts remind my of my beagles who go nuts when "dad" comes home, howling with heads in the air. I posted a photo of them waiting for "dad" to come home, along with a message about my old cat and the new kittens. You might like it. I also get the schmuckety behavior. All of us are imperfect sometimes (sigh).

Tall Kay said...

OMG! Those precious pugs are adorable! No wonder you couldn't kennel them at night. Congrats to dearest one for a job well done! And thank you for the reminder that the antidote to being a schmuck is always gratitude! Have a safe and sane weekend!

Hope said...

Thank you for being so generous in your comments. They were a joy to come home to and read.

Cat said...

Pugs are so cute and their personalities sound adorable.