Saturday, June 08, 2024

Still Healing

 Yup. In a week’s time I will be closer to know if I need more surgery on my foot. I did have a CT scan a few weeks ago that showed I’d had 4 - 5 fractures in my foot when I injured it last June.  Weirdly that validated all the pain I felt and am still feeling. And left me wondering why it took so long to get that figured out. 

I’ve had many medical appointments in the last month. In week’s time it will add up to 4500 kms worth of travel. Thankfully it’s all benign stuff. Nothing that sets off alarm bells. The CT which could do so is a month away still. I’m pretty sure by now that I’m not having a recurrence of cancer but I’ll be glad when the CT confirms it. 

Life in general is pretty darn good right now. That probably sounds weird to read after my first two paragraphs. In that place underneath the minutiae of life is a peaceful spirit. Thanks be to God.