Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello? It's Winter. Duh.

It's cold out there again.
Supposed to be cold until the cows come home.
I normally don't gripe about the weather that much.
Honest to God, I don't!
I know you're having a hard time believing that one Chuck.
I figure there's nothing one can do about the weather
so why complain.
Then again, I probably thought that up on a hot summer day.
Not one where it takes testicular fortitude to go outside.
(You didn't know I watch Family Guy did you?)

When I heard the weather forecast last night
I said to myself, "I am so ready for Spring."
Then I looked outside.
Well, tried to look outside
but all that frost on the windows
got in the way.
The only way I could tell if Bessie was on her way home
was to put the side of my hand on the window and let
its warmth thaw out a little bit of ice.
My eyelashes nearly froze to the window
as I tried to see that darn cow.

Instead I took out my little hand held computer game.
I took a little brain test and went
from being 36 to 48 years old
in a matter of minutes.
But then you already knew that.
It's the kind of thing that mothers will say to children.
"Don't complain about the weather,
it'll age you."


Anonymous said...


Crap. More cold weather coming this way then. If it gets as cold as just before Christmas, I might just have a cow, man. ( Simpsons and sometimes Family Guy :p )


Wait. What? said...

hehehe how true!

Stay warm!

Christy said...

OK, I'm not going to say that it is about 60 here today...ooops.

But we'll get ours.

steveroni said...

I won't tell you it's 80 here -CRASH, BOOM, FLASH--God, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to write that! Oh well, 3PM, so that's our HIGH for today, it will get chilly by morning. Hmmmmmmm.

I still remember being out in a windy, snow-swirrling field, age 6, bringing home some cows which had broken through a fence at 4AM in Ohio. My fingers almost froze solid, and I vowed (can a 6-yr-old vow?) to some day go where it's warm.

Been in SW Florida 44 years now. Oh, thank You, God!

Unknown said...

We've ahd 50-60's weather here, but now it's getting to be more like winter. 15 degrees tonight, some snow and cold weather...weeeee!

And OMG you totally rock about the Family Guy, I laughed my buns off reading that...how about a long, non-sensical rooster/Peter fight? LOL