Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cold Feet For The Bed Hog

I'm just about typing with gloves on this morning.
Winter has truly arrived.
There must be at least 8 inches of fresh snow out there this morning.
The furnace has been out since God knows when.
Dearest one accuses me of being a blanket and bed hog - to which I plead guilty as charged. He usually spends Tuesday nights in town at oldest son's place so that
he can be at the hospital bright and early for Wednesday mornings with his students. That means one night a week I can hog all the covers and all the bed without feeling one bit bad about it in the morning.
During the night though, I was cold and thought to myself how wonderful it would be to have dearest one to snuggle up to and get warm, and then I promptly went back to sleep.

When I woke up I thought it was just a tad bit too chilly in here. When the furnace didn't respond to my attempts to turn up the heat I knew it wasn't good. I had just taken the cover off the furnace - although I have no idea what I would've done next - when dearest one came in the house and asked why was it so cold in here.

He's been sick the last few days so he cancelled his stint at the hospital today. He told himself all the whole way home that he when he got here he was drinking something hot and then crawling into bed. On top of the cold/cough/flu he has going on he has the remains of a migraine this morning, too. You can imagine his (not)glee when he came home to a furnace that needs fixing and no furnace repair people available. Which means he'll have to take it apart and fix it himself. When I plugged the ceramic heater in this morning it said the inside temperature was 40F. Yesterday it was supposed to be just about at the freezing mark this morning (which is good and warm for this time of year) and it's no where near that warm outside.

The furnace is still out. We have the gas stove going to help boost the inside temperature. Dearest one got called to the neighbours because the ambulance was stuck in her yard (long story). He isn't home yet. Methinks it will be several hours before he can crawl into bed and warm up. I may just join him. And while I normally laugh when he threatens to put his cold feet on me, and then I shriek when he does it, today I may just put up with it.
And then I'll pull all the covers to my side of the bed.


steveroni said...

Been in S FL so long (44 years) I cannot imagine Canada's cold. And I certainly cold not live there. I didn't say would not like to, just couldn't!

I've explained to (closer) relatives in Cincinnati, that IF one of them should die, it will have to happen in summer.

I am therefore SO, SO GLAD you got your furnace fixed by now. It IS fixed, yes? -grin

Hope said...

Yes, it is fixed!
Dearest one is in the office marking papers. After some chicken soup and a cup of coffee and he's good to go for a while yet.

Last winter I had one day where it was 30 below when the power went out. I had to decide if it was more dangerous to stay in a cold house or more dangerous to try and drive to a neighbour's and risk the vehicle freezing up on the way.

Christy said...

Whenever I read someone's post about being sick, or cold, or hungry I think of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and I remember not to sweat the small things.

Thank you!

(Although I'm sorry you are cold!)

owenswain said...

I am less than 48 hours away from my operation and I am up late not because I want to be but because I am trying to pretend this thing I feel in my gut isn't another attack.

So prayers from so many people have been said I guess I convinced myself it couldn't happen again, not now, not so close to the surgery.

Sorry, I should be saying something about your post but I am preoccupied. :(

Anonymous said...

Hope, glad you guys have heat again and that poor dearest one has been warmed up. The same thing happened to us a couple of weeks ago and I was quite grateful (after I had a little hissy fit at one more broken down thing...) that it didn't happen during the most frigid time like we're having now.

Yesterday, while watching the weather on Canada A.M., I noticed on the map that both our regions were connected by the same weather trough. We're sharing the same air... and it's bloody cold stuff!

Stay warm :) ,