Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Little Banty King

Here, north of the 55th paralell, it's a good day to stay inside.
There's a cold snap that's running from here right across the prairies.
The furnace has hardly taken a breather in the past 12 hours.
I'm thankful there aren't chores to do outside this morning.
For several years we had chickens and sheep to care for.
Often the chickens would sit on the backs of the sheep.
I still miss the sound of a Banty rooster.
The way he announced, first thing in the morning,
that he's still king of his own little world.
Woe to anyone who challenged his call.
I can be like that little rooster some days.
Except I am never, ever voluntarily awake at sunrise.


Jim said...

You take me back nearly sixty years to staying with my aunt and uncle every summer for a week or two. It was most certainly no farm, but a big enough lot to grow a garden and raise chickens. I'd root under those coops to find old eggs long abandoned, then use them as ammo hunting frogs down by the creek in the woods out back. He had a few bantys. He also had a bunch of guinea hens that wouldn't leave the fenced in area, but would fly to the top of those sheds and awake the world every morning. What a squawk! Good memories...

annie said...

I can remember my grandfather alluding to the pride of a banty rooster! My grandmother had chickens, but I was never brave enough to go in that dark henhouse and gather eggs with her!

(Hmmm, to this day, I am still a chicken in so many ways!)

Heidi Renee said...

55th parallel? okay, that gives me some perspective - we're at the 45 parallel - 10 degrees is so dang far away! :D