Thursday, December 18, 2008

Growing Up, Seeing Anew

"If your prayer is not enticing you outside your comfort zones, if your Christ is not an occasional 'threat', you probably need to do some growing up and learning to love. You have to develop an ego before you can let go of it."

"We must never presume that we see. We must always be ready to see anew. But it's so hard to go back, to be vulnerable, to say to your soul, 'I don't know anything.'"

Both of the above are from Richard Rohr's Everything Belongs.

I could write a lot on both those quotes and what they mean on my journey. Suffice to say I am still growing up and often feel like I'm choking on my words when I admit I don't know anything. I guess the good news in all that is that I can say that today without beating myself up for where I'm at. What is, is.

What is it that Anne Lamott says? "We're the children of God and we are loved and God loves you exactly the way you are and too much to let you stay like this."
There is hope for all of us.


Christy said...


"you have to develop an ego before you let go of it"

I often use an analogy of being an amoeba or a lemming, because that's the way it feels to me.

Changing with the wind.

Instead of changing with free will and forethought.

owenswain said...

How about I light a candle for you today? Already done.

Wait. What? said...

I loved the quotes for today - thanks!

Unknown said...

I love Anne Lamott! She just plain rocks! When I was in training to be a Spiritual Director we read a lot of Rohr, love him!!!

Hugs to you!

Lisa said...

oh my... based on the quotes you've shared the last few days, I'm thinking I'm going to have to place an order for this book!

Jim said...

I could kick myself for not ordering Richard Rohr's book the other week. It keeps popping up in different people's blogs and I guess I'm gonna have to fight the mall crowd and go back to get it....