Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cave Dwelling

I've been cleaning out the cave we call our bedroom for most of the day. Dearest one just came into the bedroom and asked me why I was doing this. I looked at him and said, "As opposed to seeing how long we can live in such chaos?" We both grinned and then he tackled a container of his papers. For the first time since we've lived here (3 and a half years now) we'll have a closet that we can find the floor in and nothing lurking in corners or under the bed. I've emptied at least half a dozen plastic containers full of papers and such. Several bags of clothes are ready for the local thrift store. And a big bag waiting for the shredder. In amongst it all I found a few quotes scribbled on a piece of paper and I didn't want to lose them. For all I know they're in my quotes to share folder. In any case they are worth repeating.
" We don't get his love by living up to his standards. We find his love in the most broken places of our lives. As we let him love us there and discover how to love him in return, we'll find our lives changing in that relationship.

And really fitting if you find get togethers at this time of year challenging:
"Other people's contempt can't touch you if you're not playing their game." ~source here

"When you're not content with reality you will always worry about the way things appear."

I'm pretty sure all quotes come from the same place.

Just need to vacuum and make the bed and I'm ready to call it a night.


annie said...

Sleep well my friend. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Christy said...

I love the quote about grace. (Or is it a quote against perfectionism...?)

Enjoy your peaceful sanctuary!

Merry Christmas!