Sunday, December 07, 2008

Building A Child

"It is infinitely easier to build a child than repair an adult."

If you click on the above link and then choose the very short video Baseball Season: Johnny and his Dad you'll hear more of what Earnie Larsen has to say surrounding the above quote. Every video under that section is worth a listen.

I don't have much else to say except that
I was one of those 'finding 5 things wrong parent'.
I'm grateful that life's given me enough time to learn a different perspective.
I'm also grateful for the people in my life who constantly cheer me on.
We all need a bit of that.


Owen said...

Consider me a part of your cheering on crowd. Cheers!

Lou said...

Hi Hope, thanks for stopping by. And what a delight I have found here! Your honestly list showed me right away we have a similiar humor.
I have been trying to get to some new blogs. It's a matter of time, of course. I love the people who have journeyed with me, but I also want to find some fresh voices. I will be checking in to get your take on the world!