Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be Happy

As the sun inches closer to the horizon this morning, the thermometer inches closer to -40C. I'm grateful that I phoned someone last night and asked them if they'd chair my home group AA meeting for me. Traveling for an hour in this weather borders on insanity. It's fine if you get there without vehicle trouble. It's not if you get stranded. In reality the cold weather doesn't stop many people from getting where they're going. I'm just glad to have a choice whether to stay inside or not.

Well, dear internets, it feels like my brain is in freeze up mode because I have nothing of interest to write about this morning. The weather will cease to be the hot topic of conversation once it gets above -30C. According to the forecast that won't happen until Boxing Day (that's the 26th for you non boxing day people).

What's that catchy song say?

"Don't worry. Be happy."

PS - Here is a link to info about Boxing Day. It's usually a crazy day of shopping for people who like that kind of thing but I see it started out as something far more altruistic than that.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry be happy! The cold is really unforgiving if you get stranded in it though. It is best if one can stay by the furnace on these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that was one of the songs we did for our Christmas Concert, I mean, Winter Concert this year.

Just came in from shoveling snow off our pathetic-excuse-for-a-roof and off our sidewalk. I didn't realize that we'd gotten that much snow overnight. At least there's no wind today so the temps are bare-able (is that a real word? sp?). Ah, the weather; ties that bind.

My brain's a little in La-la Land today, too. I was digging around in the snow for some Christmas Spirit but all I found was this little humbug crawling around. I tried my best to stomp him but darned if the little dickens isn't as fast as a cuccaracha.

oh well,

Lou said...

You are one lucky lady to have the choice to stay or go. I have to psyche myself to get out the door in this horrid cold.

cindy said...

just curious as to what boxing day is. i've heard it mentioned before but don't have a clue as to what it is.

Linda S. Socha said...

Nice post. I like your blog and can relate to it.

Stop by and say hello if you do get out and about!

Steve F. said...

A blessed and wonderful Christmas day, sister. You continue to be a gift from God as we "trudge the road of happy destiny" across the miles!