Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Joseph and His Cohorts

I have a lovely pot of tea at the ready as I type. And yes, it's just like the picture over there. I love shopping at Ten Thousand Villages. A few Christmases ago my presents all came from there and I was pretty pleased. I have two matching cups to the teapot, too.

I've been sleeping extra long this week. I'm a thinking that writing the book took way more spoons out of me than I realized. It didn't help that during the writing I would wake up at night thinking of plot twists and turns. Just before I woke up this morning I was dreaming of being in a class with mothers and children. One little boy was telling his mom that he was scared as they went around and around and higher and higher up a mechanized stair like ride. She dismissed his fear. I spoke up and told her that he needed her to affirm his feelings so that she didn't have to deal with the fall out 20 years down the road. That his fear wasn't a reflection of her parenting. She promptly got off the ride and in the dream I imagined she was reporting me to someone for speaking so frankly to her and that I was going to be banned from the building immediately. If only someone had spoken so boldly to me way back when. I needed to hear it - although whether I would have dismissed that person, too is another story. Being right was just so darn important to me for so long. Oh, who am I kidding? Let's be honest, I still love being right but I can concede now that being right all the time is akin to not living in reality.

The energizer bunny, on the other hand, loves to go around and around and she's not scared of heights, either. I'm pretty sure she loves being right, too. And while dearest one teased me yesterday for refering to her as a person she truly is just a dog. A dog who loves it when dearest one comes home. She starts whining and howling when she hears his car come into the yard. Often she jumps up on the bay window and just about wags herself right off onto the carpet as she watches him make his way to the door. Yesterday I set up my nativity set in the bay window. She took one look at it and did what any sane dog would do. She stood there and barked and barked at Joseph and the shepherd boys as if they were intruders. I half expected to see them on the floor this morning all chewed up, but they are all still in place.

Well, the teapot is empty and I need to tackle the mess that is my desk today. With any luck we will have high speed internet by this evening and I do want the installer guy to be able to find the wall without having an avalanche of papers fall on top of him. Seriously, my desk has so much stuff piled on top of it that it's threatening to slide off onto the floor. Besides, the energizer bunny is smart enough that if she saw that happen she just might start piling things on the bay window in hopes of ousting Joseph and his cohorts. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere for me.


Heidi Renee said...

High speed internet! Christmas has come early!!! Yippee!!

daisymarie said...

I love speed!
I would love tea even better.

lili11 said...

There's always a lesson here and there if only you are willing to seek for it.

Black Pete said...

Energizer Bunny Is a person. Ahem.