Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jack Frost's Handiwork

The windows are covered from top to bottom this morning with Jack Frost's handiwork. The beautiful patterns intrigue me. It's supposed to be cold all day and worse yet tonight. When it gets to -30 I am quite content to be inside although I do miss my walk. Anything warmer than -25 and I am out there all bundled up and walking. Being cold makes getting warm all the more gratifying.

I'm off to my AA meeting this morning. I missed last week's because of icy roads so am glad to be going today. I've learned my lesson though, that volunteering to chair for the month of December, when I live an hour from the meeting, is not a good idea. I'll stick to the months of the year without cold and ice from now on. The good news is that I am capable of picking up the phone and asking someone else if they can chair for me. Which is what I did last week. I don't need to make a big drama out of it in the meantime. Did I mention that I love my home group? And am loved in return. That's the kicker. It's sometimes much easier to love than to accept being loved in return. For me, anyway.

Yesterday afternoon dearest one was having a nap when I decided to join him. The energizer bunny was sleeping right next to his head. I crawled into bed and she adjusted and I laid there and waited for what I knew was coming next. Sure enough, she gently lowered her chin down onto my head and went to sleep. It was oddly comforting although I imagine it would have made a strange photo. Dearest one asleep, my head on his shoulder and energizer bunny's head on mine.


annie said...

I can't imagine how one could walk after getting bundled up to face -26 temperatures!

I agree with you about accepting the idea of being loved.

Lou said...

Hope, I walk & run, let's just say I go outside & move everyday--come hell, high water, or 8" snow. Now I know you understand when I say "I need my walk!"

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a picture. Hope the bunny wasn't snoring.

Brrrr, it's frickin' cold here, too!! EWww, just noticed that it's windy to boot. We should all take a nap; for about 3 months....