Saturday, December 27, 2008

Better Late Than Never

We arrived over an hour late.
We used to be right on time
only to be the only ones there.
Sometimes for an hour.
I'm normally early for everything.
It goes against my grain to be late.
I make an exception for family get togethers.

This way the whole thing was going
by the time we arrived.
We weren't the last to show up either.
C'est la vie.

The time spent was good.
There was thought provoking conversation.
Which is an unusual happening.
I managed to keep my mouth appropriately shut
for the most part.
And ask some hard questions, too.
When I took inventory last night
I could see where I had slid into triumphalism
a time or two.
As in "ha. got you there."
Not a pretty trait.
Lord have mercy.


Christy said...

Making the effort is important.

I just saw something on TV that says when we get older, we just don't remember bad or uncomfortable things--we re-frame them differently than when we were young.

So depending on the age of your crowd?

Could have been a rousing success!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You know what amazes me Hope is your brilliant honesty and ability to so eloquently put into words the beest of us and the things that still need caring for. Thank you!

Pru said...

I missed being there. Next year.

annie said...

I hate when I do that "ha. got you there" thing.