Monday, November 03, 2008

And You?

I really want to sit here and whine this morning but am choosing to stuff a sock in it and write a gratitude list instead. I am grateful to know that I have the power of choice today. I remember sitting outside a DQ restaurant the summer before last, talking with another AA member about how to reply when asked, "How are you?" If I was crabby, well, then I was crabby through and through. She helped me see that I could say, "Well, today I'm feeling a bit crabby but otherwise life is good." It's that kind of thing I need help navigating. Yesterday at church a young mom who I hadn't seen in a while, asked me how I was. When I told her I'd been in a funk for what felt like weeks already, we ended up having a really good chat about how the encroaching darkness outside affects our moods and the ongoing effort it is to put one foot in front of the other day after day. Just before Mass started I said to her, "Anyway, that's the real answer to how I am, I could have just told you I was fine."

Today I'm grateful for

  • my sobriety
  • a God of my own understanding who loves on me 24/7
  • the power of choice
  • faithful readers who journey with me
  • the lack of snow on the ground!
  • the gift of writing - NaNoWriMo word count yesterday was 3500+
  • my parents - it's their 52nd wedding anniversary today


Owen said...

on the journey with you.

Jim said...

Strangely enough, your word verification greeting me, as I come here to extend "congratulations" to your parents for 52 years, is "resycho", missing only the "p", but suggesting to me that I might need to re-think before I do anything this morning. Just kidding. Always good dropping by here. The "whine" is common to all of us at times, I think. Life, after all, remains life; and we yet are human. We get headaches. We get fatigued. Nothing wrong with being honest about waking up feeling funky, as long as we take His hand and the next step with a hope flowing out of that connection. Election day here and an uncertain economy casts a cloud over where we're going as a nation, as a global community. I am thankful for knowledge of His presence being with me....

Anonymous said...

Wow, 3500 words? I had enough trouble coming up with just this comment. :) Sitting on the edge of funk myself but I just can't afford to go there at the present.....I'll chalk it up to the lack of light.

No snow here yet either but there's a Colorado low coming this way by tomorrow. Should be snow by Saturday, boo hoo!