Monday, March 22, 2010

Snowing Grace

There are big, fat snow flakes falling as I type. I have a little musical snow man that turns around in circles to the tune of "Let It Snow." I wait until the first snowfall of the year to bring it out. And even though I drove several hours in snow yesterday I am not disappointed to let it play its song again today. It sounds like we will be getting moisture in some form all week. We desperately need it. Every summer we have many head of cattle on our land and without the moisture they won't be there long. Probably the thing that makes it bearable is that at this time of year is knowing the snow won't last long although one hopes for a slow melt so it soaks into the ground instead of running off.

I had a great weekend. The woman who rode with me and shared my hotel room Friday night - well - we have so much in common that it boggled our minds. There's not too many people here that I can say the word bunny hug to and be understood without explanation.

We discussed books we'd both read, music we both liked, and had many laughs as we shared our spiritual journeys with one another; how we had both needed to work through believing the God of our understanding would truly become everyone else's too, if they were sincerely seeking. We belly laughed at ourselves over that one. It's truly a work of Grace not have God is such a small box anymore.


steveroni said...

Yep, I have to realize on page 60 in Big Book, small letter "c" reads that we only need to SEEK God. It does NOT say "catch" God.

Happiness is as you describe: meeting with a "soul-mate" to spend with you a the program of AA.

Unknown said...

This is a most catching post...I did have to look up BunnyHug..that's a great term though. I enjoy being in peoples' company whom our souls find a connection, it happens rarely when it does it feels so joyous, happy and freeing indeed.

I agree that God does not fit into any box indeed.

Hope the snow melts and moves into your ground.

Anonymous said...

Glad the weekend worked out so well. Sounds like there was a plan at work all along. Have a great evening!

Erin said...

I had such a sweet feeling come over me when I read about the way you heard the Lord speak. I'm sure I miss out on a lot because I work so hard to preserve my own space. This is wonderful to read. Thank you :)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Just wanted to say thanks for being a glowy brick in the foundation of understanding on the path to freedom!

Peter said...

Snow 'nuff, Hopester!