Tuesday, March 02, 2010

No Popping Allowed

"If people were supposed to pop out of bed they would sleep in toasters."
That is a lovely quote by Garfield.
I'm so not a morning person.
For the past week my fatigue has been way too high.
I was in bed by 6:45 last night and am still not rested.
The geneticist has always told me that Ehler's Danlos is a syndrome of peaks and valleys. I hope this is just a little dip, not a valley.
Probably the best thing about it though is that if I do not pay attention to what my heart is trying to tell me my body will. When I get this tired I have to look at where I am at emotionally. There always seems to be a connection between the two. So last night I said out loud that you know what - that plan I had for my working future - um, no I really don`t want to follow that path. That helped.

PS You have to be a certain age to appreciate the picture of the toaster in this post. I remember burning my fingers as a child on one just like this one. Certainly couldn`t pop out of that toaster now could you....


Gabriella Moonlight said...

We had a toaster like that and I got so tired of it, I started just making toast in the oven LOL!

I have often noticed when my physical health is waning so are my emotions somewhere.

Hope you feel better in time and I'm thinking of you...

Steve E said...

How did you acquire our old toaster?

H.A.L.T. is the acronym for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired

Looks like you have about one-out-of-four? But...tiredness affects EVERYTHING else


Daisy said...

I remember seeing those toasters but we didn't have one. For a while when I was little, we used a wire clothes-hanger fashioned into a kinda star shape on which placed the bread and held it over the stove element. Almost feels like I made that up...but I didn't.

Hope you feel rested soon, Hope. Thought of you when I watched the olympic curling.


Black Pete said...


daisymarie said...

I spent two months not listening to my body. I ended up having surgery yesterday to have a 5x9mm stone removed from my bladder. Now I'm hobbling around with a stint until next week. Hopefully after that I'll feel better. Rest well so you can too.

Jim said...

That toaster has to date back to the early fifties, late forties. In the sixties, I was stationed in Spain and was amazed to see them yet being used by the locals there, along with the old flat iron that had no capability of heating up on its own, but had to have heat transferred to it from some other source. The city of Seville, one of the larger there, had but one small department store about like the old nickel and dime outfits I knew as a child and it was considered "modern" because it had one escalator between two levels.

Get your rest, my friend. One day at a time....