Saturday, March 13, 2010

Expanding My View

Because of this wretched cold of mine I've had lots of opportunity this week to listen to my body. Some days I phoned in sick and others I went in late or left early. I wanted to somehow take care of myself and go to work. If that's not a touch of insanity I don't know what is.

Thursday night I went to a service commitment and came out of the meeting to snow flakes so big and fluffy that pedestrians were covered in snow as they walked. It was pretty to look at. Not so much fun to drive in. The only way I knew I was on the road was because of the tire tracks of the vehicle in front of me. Thankfully half way home the weather cleared and I could sit back in my seat again. Dearest one pointed out to me the next day that driving with my face inches from the windshield didn't actually help a person see any further than maybe 6 inches anyway. I didn't tell him that scrunching up my face and straining forward in hopes of seeing further made me feel like I was doing something. He told me I could have sat back in my seat and relaxed all the way home and still had pretty much the same view.

Which is something for me to remember the next time I get my panties in a knot about stuff I have no control over.


Anonymous said...

Given how we are about control, it makes sense to me that you were scrunched up against the windshield. Same way that I yell out instructions to the players when I'm watching college basketball on Saturdays!

Garnet said...

I'd never thought of that. What a neat observation. I'm going to watch for when I drive with my head straining forward. Thanks.

Enchanted Oak said...

What a good analogy! Relax in your seat and take it all in. You're married to a wise guy.

Robin said...

I'll try to remember that, too, but I just know I'll be on the edge of my seat, trying to mind-control the car, next time it feels out of my hands. Control, such a comforting illusion, isn't it?