Monday, December 14, 2009

Redneck No Brainer

"The brakes are freezing up."

That's what dearest one said to me this morning as we stopped to fill up my car with gas. Then when he started up the car again the fan made a wretched whiny noise. This was quickly becoming a no brainer. We turned back towards home and are staying put for the day. It was -45C (-49F)this morning. There was a moment when it hit me how scary it would be to have car trouble in this weather and how stupid it was to think we were somehow immune. Even with all the blankets, candles etc. I had in the car, we would be cold in such a hurry. While I do live in redneck country I'd like to think I rarely act like one. This morning that was debatable. Oh, that word debatable looks weird. I'm squinting at the screen in the hopes it will somehow morph into a more acceptable looking word. No luck.

Funny how we think we MUST get to town because it's exam week and we have final exams to supervise and students to see. There are appointments to keep. With a few phone calls appointments are rescheduled, someone else is supervising exams. It doesn't have to be complicated. We both wanted to be at work today but wanting to be at work and needing to be at work are two different things.

We'll try again tomorrow.
I am so glad our furnace is working and that there is food in the cupboards.
We are blessed.

I'm grateful for perspective - even if it takes brakes freezing up to gain it.


steveroni said...

Sounds like another of life's "turning points", Hope. "Turn around and go back home."

Daisy said...

I was thinking of you guys, the last couple of days. It's been cold here but not as bad as what you're dealing with. Glad you were able to get back home to hunker down for a day.


Tall Kay said...

I can not even imagine that kind of cold. You are blessed indeed to listen to the warning and realize the world can go on without us. I hope you had a warm, snuggley kinda day.

daisymarie said...

Ah, perspective....