Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving My Head A Shake

I have a friend who I haven't heard from since I emailed her half a dozen group updates I had sent out this past summer when unbloggable things were happening in my life. She had been there in the beginning and then we lost contact until today.

I've had an occasional poor me moment over the fact that she never responded to my baring my soul to her. I wondered if she was judging me for my brutal honesty, wondered if she was shocked by what I had written, wondered if she had stepped back from me on purpose. I didn't think these things all the time but occasionally I wondered why she wasn't getting back to me.

Because it's all about me, you know.

Lord have mercy.

I phoned her this morning and found out that since we last spoke she had emergency surgery after an accident and is still recuperating, her husband had his own emergency trip to the hospital and has since been diagnosed with heart disease, her mother died unexpectedly across the ocean and her son who was in recovery has relapsed.

It's so not about me.
What a reminder, eh?


steveroni said...

It is not about me, or you, Hope Babe
---it is about ALL of us together, One Day At A Time.

I am SO glad for you that this finally got resolved, not for the reasons that it took so long


Tall Kay said...

Awareness can be such a gift. I'm sorry your friend is going through such a tough time, but I'm glad it isn't about you! Happy Holidays to you.

Anonymous :) said...

It's so easy to get the wrong impression. Nice reminder for all of us. Small things can be misinterpreted.

One Prayer Girl said...

This has happened to me that someone doesn't contact me as quickly as I think they should. I think it is about me, but then it turns out it had zero to do with me.

Great post.


Enchanted Oak said...

Been there, done that, Hope. Shaking my head along with you. Glad you took the bull by the ears and phoned, letting her know you care.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? It still might be all about you.

{Just kidding,thanks for stopping by}

Peter said...

Been there, Hopester.

annie said...

Oh Hope, I am so glad to come back around and read what you have to say!