Friday, December 11, 2009

Breathing Healing

Three years ago I wrote this post on my blog anniversary. I missed marking my anniversary earlier this week. I'm re posting here what I wrote three years ago. Still holds true.

"Today is my blog anniversary.....two years ago today I started writing this blog.
What can I say?
I am a writer.
I have a voice.
I am truly on a journey.
I need to journey with others.
Exposing my humanity to you will not get me stoned.
It might make me wish to get stoned :)
but even if I did
I am loved even in the midst of much sin.
Confessing my sin will not diminish my worth.
Failing is not the end of the story.
Having an audience watch
Christ peel back
the layers of my woundedness
and breathe healing on them
will not kill me.
Healing is possible.
There is hope.


One Prayer Girl said...

Beautiful, beautiful - Hope.

This is filled with hope.

Love you and prayers,

owenswain said...

God bless you. There is always, Hope.

Anonymous :) said...

I hope that you have seen evidence that every word you wrote was true. Healing is possible. Lots of proof of that everywhere. Be blessed.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Happy belated blog-o-versary! :)

Tall Kay said...

Happy blogiversary to you! That makes 5 years...WOW! I find it amusing to look at the people who commented 3 years ago. I don't recognize any of them.

Your words are so and then. A perfect message of hope from Hope! I hope you stick around for many years to come.

Lou said...

I love that you wrote.."failing is not the end of the story." I often worry that my story will not have a happy ending, and then all of you bloggers will say "I told you so." But now I have come to trust you, and I know that others lives have pain and heartache also. It makes me less afraid.
I'm always glad to stop by here and read your gentle thoughts.

Peter said...

Happy Anniversary, too, Hopester.

Pammie said...

I've always thought we need "blog chips" to mark milestones.

Enchanted Oak said...

The journey of faith and hope is never-ending. Glad to be on it with you.

Anne said...

I love "failing is not the end of the story". Isn't that just so true? In spite of the fact that I often wish death would come with failure so I wouldn't have to face myself in my misery, yet I continue to live, my life story is not yet over.

This is a great anniversary post, well worth repeating every year if it were mine! Glad to have found this!