Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Minute Surprises

"You're going to be one of those people?"

Why yes, my dear, we are.

Only daughter sounds a little shocked. She's worked in a big mall for most of the past year and shakes her head at the people who leave their shopping until the last minute. She deals with them every day. Turns out, dearest one and I have a few unexpected presents to buy, so tomorrow will be the day.

Dearest one, who told me a few days ago that everything on the sideboard was fair game, has some last minute shopping to do for me, too. I finally got around to clearing away all the paper tidbits yesterday and happened upon a receipt for something he bought me for Christmas. I thought about playing dumb but I'd never win a prize for pretending to be surprised when I'm not. Finding that receipt did explain the beautiful long stemmed roses he gave me on Saturday. Turns out he got a dozen roses for free when he bought me that gift.

So yes, tomorrow we will be one of those last minute shoppers.


Tall Kay said...

A gift that comes with a dozen long stemmed roses sounds like a very romantic gift! Ohhh! I'll be surprised when you open it!

Sending you front parking space wishes!

daisymarie said...

I guess I only know how to be one of those kind...procrastination is my middle name.

annie said...

I too have some last minute shopping to do. But nothing stressful.

Peter said...

Sometimes, there are veryh good reasons not to get it all done ahead of time. We haven't made up our Christmas cards yet... :0

Unknown said...

Oh I hope your shopping goes well and swift! I will be interested to hear more about the gift you received that came with roses...wow!

I hope your Christmas is filled with joy, peace, love... all that you deserve!!

much love

Lou said...

Better you than me at the mall;) Good luck, and wishing you a wonderful Christmas!