Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

The puglies have been sleeping in our bed ever since youngest son moved out 26 days ago. Twenty-six is the limit of how many nights I can share my bed with a dog. I decided that this morning. Two nights ago I slept on the couch, declaring to dearest one that I was sleeping wherever the dogs weren't. My bed is much more comfy than the couch. The only reprieve we've had is when youngest son has come home for night and the dogs go back to sleeping wherever he sleeps.

So this morning I cleaned the bedroom - finally found the floor after a six month disappearance - and made room for the kennel in one corner. The Energizer Bunny used to sleep in the kennel every night until Yoga Pup came along. I would tell her it was bedtime and she would reluctantly waddle down the hallway and into her kennel. Yoga Pup is not nearly so well behaved. I can already hear him whining pitifully at what he will no doubt think is unfair treatment.

The worst is that while I didn't give in to any of our children's pleas of whining might get me what I want tactics, I am not convinced I will be so unshakable when it comes to the toddler version of a Pug.


One Prayer Girl said...

Puppies (and kitty in my house) have a way of wiggling into a place in the heart that even children can't reach sometimes. Go figure!!!


Pru said...

You'd better be as tough on them as you were on us!

annie said...

Good luck with resisting the whining Hope!

Tall Kay said...

Who can say no to such a cute little face? It'll be interesting to hear how this night I know where the pugs sleep :o)

daisymarie said...

They learn so quickly who's in charge...hope you get some sleep.