Friday, June 26, 2009


There is a lovely rain drizzling down as I type.
Days like this feel suited to curling up on the couch and reading a good book.
But there is a counter full of dishes that need to be washed.
And floors to be scrubbed.
The house has taken a nose dive
since I started work 3 months ago.
Not enough energy to keep it up.
I'm hoping that over the summer I can clean out the clutter
and get it in decent enough shape that
I can get someone to come in once a week
to clean the bathroom and scrub the floors
and do the vacuuming once I go back to work.
Just typing that feels like luxury.
We'll see what transpires.

Yesterday I was able to get my remaining medical tests booked as well as the follow up appointment with the cardiologist. Just waiting to hear back from the geneticist for an appointment and then I am all set. I will be so glad when this is behind me.

What I keep in mind though, is that this day
is begging to be lived in.
And with God's help I plan to do just that.


Heidi Renee said...

after i read the title i figured it was a post about the pups :D

like this one even better!

i say enjoy the book! ha!

Wait. What? said...

Oooh it is all in the living! Have a happy day !

Lisa said...

love this... a day begging to be lived in... so good!

Rikkij said...

the last paragraph says it all. Good plan! ~rick

Wine and Words said...

I envy you the rain...not the infernal waiting for medical test results. I have a lump....never really wanted the damn breasts anyway, but would like to know if they are coming or going. Still waiting....
Blessings -

Gin said...

This day is begging to be lived and it sounds like you are answering it's calls. Good for you.

One Prayer Girl said...

The only life that exists is the one in the present moment. Easy to say, but for me it takes practice, practice, and more practice to stay in the now.

Love you,
Prayer Girl

steveroni said...

Yep! "One Day At A Time". Now, where have I heard that before?

Findon said...

I notice you had been over and paid a visit to me. Thaks for the comment, I like your posts and think I'll stop by some more if you don't mind. Take care

Unknown said...

What a great reminder: "this day is begging to be lived in." I've been so busy and exhausted lately that I feel like I've been missing too many days. I noticed earlier in my sobriety that I had what felt like an abundance of time and energy. I'd like to poor myself into my recovery work and find some of that again. Good to read your post today.