Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today I did something I've never done before.
I photocopied the last few weeks of my journal
and dropped it off for my therapist to read.

I haven't seen her in a long while.
Giving her my journal to read will
be like getting two appointments for one.
She can read everything I would have told her anyway.
And it gives her some time to mull it over
and take note of what jumps off the page at her.

I'm grateful I'm not the wreck I was a few days ago.
I'm trying not to analyze to death
whether it's because I have some real peace
or because the circumstances don't seem so dire.
I'm trying to just be grateful for a bit of relief.

Today I thanked and gave boxes of chocolates to the staff of another institution who have fielded umpteen work related phone calls from me this past week as we settled into our new location. Funny how perspective is different from one person to another. As a coworker and I walked over to pick up some keys and drop off the chocolates she looked at them and asked me if they were a bribe. I told her no, they were a gift of thanks. I know the people at that institution were just doing their job, answering my phone calls and coming to my assistance. They did it graciously and with much patience whether I called three times in five minutes or twice in 8 hours, of which I did both many times.

At one point in my day I had a task where I walked between printer and computer every 20 seconds for about 15 minutes. One of my coworkers commented that I was very patient. I told her if the worst problem in my day was having to walk back and forth between the two machines to get the job done then I really didn't have any problems, did I?

Perspective is a gift.
I'm grateful when I have some.


Gin said...

You're absolutely right. It's all in our perspective isn't it. It's nice that we can change our perspective. Lately when things seem to be going wrong I try to turn it around and look for something positive. A change in perspective always seems to help. Great post!

One Prayer Girl said...

Sounds like you have been able to get the level in your glass into its proper perspective - half full, not half empty. What relief!

I know how good it feels to have been in a negative space and to finally be getting through it to the other side.


Wait. What? said...

Ah Hope this was great - perception is everything!