Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oopsy Daisy

So I dyed my hair last night.
Big oops.
I got carried away with the highlights.
The top of my head now glows orange.
Somehow methinks that will not make a good impression
at my job interview on Friday.
It might make a lasting impression though.
And all I was trying to do was not show up to the interview
with an inch of peppery grey roots showing.

Dearest one is bringing me home some more hair dye.
You see last time I dyed my hair I asked dearest one
to do the highlights since I can't reach all over the place
to do them.
He was worried they would be overpowering so he went
easy on the highlights.
I wanted to make sure that didn't happen this time around.
They are neon orange glow in the dark overpowering now.

If I get the job, I am going to stop dyeing
my own hair and let a professional do it.
I grit my teeth at the expense.
Couldn't be grittier than I am now, though.

I'd show you a picture.
Youngest son took one.
Dearest one told him he should have waited
until after I'd cooked supper, you know, just in case
I refused after the flash went off.
Between that and the laughter it was tempting.
Although from my vantage point I thought, "wow
he has something to blackmail me with."
I didn't point that out to him.
He promised to delete it (in hopes of getting supper)
and I watched as he followed through.
He must have been hungry.


steveroni said...

Hey there Orange Blossom-Top!

Reason #134 why I'm glad to be a man: don't need all that hair stuff--just wash-and-go!
Steve E.

Sounds like the makings of a list-o-rama: Why I'm glad I'm a woman...or man.

Wait. What? said...

Oh I do this! Except - my ends turn that orange blossom color - and my roots just barely get the coverage...

Good luck with the job interview - I am betting that no matter your hair color your beaming personality will shine through regardless !

Peter said...

Does that make you the Orange Blossom Special?