Monday, March 30, 2009

Perspective 101

I hope you have a great Monday.
I plan on it.
I will never be a morning person,
one of those so cheerful
you could just clock them
kind of person,
but I am grateful
that morning comes.

We were at the funeral of a young girl
this past weekend.
I've already had close to 30 years more than she did.
God help me have perspective no matter what
circumstances I find myself in today.
Because you are with me in them.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I am one of those clock-ems. Like a muppet in mornings.

I have no control over it, just is.

I feel more blessed today because of the friends I lost early. I feel like I carry a brighter torch now that I'm aware of the gift I have in living as long as I have, the gift that just keeps getting better with every year. I'm not happy their gone, but I'm grateful and joyful that I get to carry a brighter torch because they were a part of my life for a brief moment!

Thank you for reminding me

steveroni said...

Hope, you remind me of PG, who is still asleep when I return after two AA meets.

Jessie, what a neat use of words to express God's gifts, even in the death of friends.

Me, too, early to rise! However, it just does not fit with "Late to bed" nemesis.
Steve E.

Cat said...

Hope you always get me thinking of the good stuff life holds for me. Thank you for that.


Jim said...

Early morning, wee hours of the night, I like those times when my mind is clear and able to walk with Him in the garden. I got here a little late, but also want to add that I enjoyed your own views on grace........

Lou said...

My husband says I'm on a spring, I jump out of bed so fast..

Thank you for reminding me of the beautiful life I have today.