Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Hate Not Knowing

It's nearly midnight.
Time for bed.
Not sure sleep will come, though.
Sometimes it seems impossible
to shut off one's brain.

Little Yoga Pup went missing tonight.
I'd put him and the Energizer Bunny out
to do their business.
He didn't want to go but I picked him up
and put him out anyway.
When I went to let them back in
ten minutes later, Energizer bunny
came running in but Yoga Pup had disappeared.

We've looked for hours and
there is no sign of him.
We are the only people for nearly 2 miles on this road.
The snow is deep.
Every path in the snow from our other dogs is a dead end.
No sign of him anywhere.
There are tracks in the driveway where a vehicle went past
a little ways, stopped and then backed up into our driveway
and then turned and went the other direction.
Maybe someone picked him up.
Otherwise he's been out there too long already
for him to be okay in this weather.
I hate not knowing.
My eyes are sore from crying.

Accepting life on life's terms sucks.


Anonymous said...

Hoping the pup turns up -- my heart achs for you.


Mary LA

Seeker said...

Hope awful, Hope. You must be so upset! I hope a miracle happens and he turns up safe somehow; though I agree that it doesn't sound very hopeful.

Was he tagged, or at least have something with your address on him?

Heidi Renee said...

oh hope, i am so sorry. tears here too. praying.

Jim said...

Accepting people on His terms is not always easy. Sorry for your loss, ma'am...

Anonymous said...

Hope, I am so very sorry. ((((((((((Hope and family)))))))


Pru said...

Oh no! Oh, that is so awful.

Anonymous said...

Man, this is horrid. I am so sorry for the sense of loss and pain.

Lisa said...

praying here as well.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh Hope, I am so sorry that this has happened, animals especially pugs are willful creatures, I do hope that someone has found him and that all is okay, you have my prayers and thoughts and if you need to talk, send me an email...I'm here!


daisymarie said...

oh no.