Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glow Be Gone

So dearest one brought me home some more hair dye.
Youngest son wanted to know if I wanted help
with the highlights
this time around.
He had a kind of devilish grin in his eyes.
I was non commital.

I came out with the highlights finished.
No orange glow this time around, thank God.
Youngest son seemed disappointed
I hadn't sought his help.
Turns out that devilish grin
was him planning on drawing a smily face
out of highlights
on the back of my head.
This is one time when
refusing help
was a godsend.


Anonymous said...

Good call on that one, Hope! lol Now, I'm looking at my own roots....


Prayer Girl said...

Hi Hope,
Just wanted you to know I'm around and reading you.

Glad the hair turned out. What price being a woman???


Pru said...

Hah! There is a time to accept help, and a time to do things yourself...the crazy grin was a good indicator, I'd say. Although I would have laughed at the smily face...