Friday, March 20, 2009

Deep Breathing

"I can feel your anxiety."

I was paying for some purchases when the cashier's words
jarred me into awareness.
I was in a hurry to make an appointment.
Her picking up on my anxiety
helped me take a deep breath and relax.
I've thought of her remark quite a bit though since then.
How we pick up on the vibes of other people.

Today is my job interview.
There is a heavy snowfall warning.
I'm a chicken shit winter driver.
I have driven when the snow
was falling so heavily
there were no discernable driving lanes.
Where you couldn't tell the difference
between the ditch and the road.
It isn't fun.

I think I'll be taking a few deep breaths today.
I'm as prepared as can be for the interview.
I read their whole web site,
including a 45 page business plan.
I'll go in knowing that my HP sees a bigger picture
and I can rest in that regardless of the outcome.
Thanks to that cashier I'll be taking a few deep breaths
before I introduce myself.
Aware, once again, that things unspoken get communicated
just as easily as those said outloud.


Pam said...

Well I think that God just loves job interviews...he goes on so many with all of us!
I wish you a calm spirit and brilliant replies to whatever is asked by the interviewer.

Owen said...

I pray it goes well for you Hope. Really do.

Cat said...

hope I sending good wishes your way for sucess. What a good reminder for me on the eve of this very full weekend.

Jim said...

Wishing you success.....