Tuesday, March 31, 2009

49 and Counting

It's dearest one's birthday today.
Next year will be the big five oh for him.
It freaks him out.
He doesn't feel that old.
He doesn't look that old, either.
One of the most loveable things about dearest one
is that he has retained his ability to be child like.
Not childish.
Child like.
You know, that wonder about the world around him.
He makes life fun.
I hope he has a fun day today.
He left before daylight for work.
I was sleeping. Probably snoring.
He's very hard to buy a present for.
He never gives me a list of things to choose from.
I have to figure it out on my own.
Which I did.
I can get like a kid when I have a present for someone.
In that annoying way - like Garfield's dog friend.
Sorry, it's too early for me to remember his name.
But I do get kind of yappy/jumping up and down
when I have a surprise for you.

I don't mind getting one year older.
It means I got to live this long.
That is a gift.
Pure gift.
Which is really something to jump up and down about.
Happy birthday dearest one.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love this post too, you know after turning forty and being sober, there is no other more amazing gift than now! I too don't feel my age...it's sort of strange that way, but it is what it is eh?


Anonymous said...

My hubby will be turning the big 5-0 later this week. What will I get him? Why, dirt biker t-shirts of course!

Hope the yoga helped with the sore muscles!

Owen said...

A happy birthday to your D.O. I'm just five months ahead of him.

Cat said...

Happy birthday to your dearest one!

life is such a gift!

Lou said...

What a sweet post to your dearest one. Now bake a cake!

Pru said...

I'd forgotten that next year is the big one...huh. And you do get so excited when you have a surprise, it's very cute.

And it's Odie.

Anonymous said...

Pru, you're sweet. I can say that easily 'cuz I'm your dad.

"And it's Odie."

You're sweet.
I had a very good birthday, thanks all.