Thursday, November 13, 2008

Staying Put

It's snowing to beat the band out there and there's a wind warning to boot.
The last time there was a wind warning several huge trees came crashing down outside and one would have hit our bedroom window had it broken off closer to the ground instead of half way up the trunk.

Yesterday it was freezing rain so I cancelled my appointments and stayed home.

Here's a snippet of an email I sent to a friend this morning:

My NaNoWriMo writing feels like total drivel these days but I am continuing to add to it anyway. Anne Lamott calls them shitty first drafts but I'm sure mine must be diarrhea by now. :) And I'm behind on the word count by the thousands, too. Slow diarrhea then.

Those gall bladder attacks are wretched, simply wretched. We lived/worked on a dairy farm when I got mine out and we had access to as much fresh cream as we wanted. Foods high in fat are a no no for gall bladder problems and I made a pie and whipped up some rich cream and well, it was all downhill from there.

I will go light the candle and hold you all in prayer today. Just happened to light the green one the other day for you all -I call it my hope candle. Today I'll light the one I call the Mary candle. For some reason she gives me great comfort, especially for the stuff that worries a mother's heart. Whenever I am really down about parenting stuff and all the mistakes I've made, when I ask her to intercede for me I always end up in tears.



Anonymous said...

Hope, your candle lighting reminds me of my mom. She has a big white candle that she lights when people she knows are going through horrible crap. Kinda comforting when I think about it.


Owen said...

I was just an hour home from the hospital when ML read that line in the email about the diarrhoea and it nearly put me back in hospital with laughter.