Monday, November 17, 2008

Same Old, Same Old, Thank God

Routine pleases me.

I don't know how others start or end their day but sometimes to entertain myself, I picture the people I'm with getting up in the morning and making their coffee, eating breakfast, getting ready for work and then picture a reverse routine in the evening. I find that comforting. We all have little routines that shape our days. Which makes me smile when I hear people bellyache that ritual is meaningless and pointless. Some of those people mean the rituals in church, especially the one I attend, yet I bet they get up and have their little morning routine that comforts them and adds to their day.

Yesterday my routine went out the window. My sinuses are on the warpath and this morning my one eyelid (the side that had the Bell's Palsy) is doing a slow ooze, just hovering on the tips of my eyelashes. Which means something's whipping my immune system good. Anyhow, yesterday was a full blown pajama day and I did nothing except sit on the couch, read and watch TV. Dearest one and I had time to sit and visit which was a bonus. I ate popcorn for supper.

Today the weather is doing its dance between winter and not winter. Freezing rain has been a reality more days than not the past while. Dearest one and youngest son will stay in town tonight, avoiding a 150 km round trip on roads that are less than ideal. The energizer bunny will hound me to take her for a walk. She'll bring me her toys and prance around hoping I'll play. She'll beg to nestle on my lap. Recently dearest one started a new game with her where he throws Cheerios in her direction and she jumps and catches them in her mouth. Right now she's snoring away on her blanket beside me. She knows my routine so well that she makes a detour into the office every time I go down the hallway. She always looks confused if I keep on going.

In the morning I get up and make my breakfast and eat it while I write a post and check my email. At 9:00 AM (which is in one minute) I log off email and go do something else. Hopefully today I'll go for a walk, do some housework, do some writing and enjoy a cup of tea. I'll make myself something tasty for supper and have a quiet evening.

In the midst of the uncertainty of life (which comes with the territory of not being God), I find ritual comforting.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, that bunny sounds adorable. So darn smart, eh?

There are some routines I like a little better than others. I prefer the summertime routine (no school) rather than the "let's-get-up-in-what feels-like-the-middle-of-the-night-and-get-ready-for-work" routine. But that's just me. :)

Hope you sinuses feel better soon.