Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running Late

I slept in this morning and am running late. I need to be out the door in 15 minutes. It's my sponsor's AA birthday today so I'm headed to town to celebrate with her. It's also the first day of Advent and that means I can start decorating. Ha, as if that's all Advent is about! I love Advent. The idea of hunkering down and waiting for the Light. It was during Advent a few years ago that I started getting honest with myself and God about my sexual addiction. Here's a post from back then, more for a reminder for me than anything.
Enjoy your day!


Christy said...

Just stumbled in and I love your honesty...(I was on Undertheoverpasses...)

I too believe you are as sick as your sickest secret.

Good luck to you, peace....

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh I read your poem and post and just melted in my heart, this is such an amazing journey and I thank you so much for your honesty and your love, it comes through like light!!! Thank you!