Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Personally Crazy

Yesterday I kept doing the next right thing and made it through the day in a much better frame of mind than I've known for a while. Last week I filled out a personal craziness index and came up with a list of 7 things that are warning bells for the slippery slope of relapse. Taking a look at that and taking an inventory every night before I go to bed has helped me expect more of myself. I might sit down to fill it out, look across at the day's dishes sitting on the counter and get up and do them. People, that is not my normal behaviour. It is however, a sign that I'm turning towards recovery instead of away from it. Which gives me great hope.

We're headed to my parent's this coming weekend to celebrate my mom's upcoming 70th birthday (if you read my previous post you can see she just celebrated 52 years of marriage..do the math, wow, eh?) Anyway, paying attention to those 7 warning bells will help me keep my head screwed on straight in an enviroment where a high personal craziness index could be seen as normal and healthy. But then again, my mom was married when she was a teenager. Wait a minute, so was I. I'm stopping before I write myself into a corner again. Have a great hope filled day.


Owen said...

Happiness to your mom and peace to you and your man.

Black Pete said...

I did the math and you're still "just a kid"! {mischievous grin}

Hope said...

Very mischievous grin there bp. Yes, I concede that in some eyes I am still a kid.