Friday, November 14, 2008

Coming Into Focus

But then you already knew that.
Appointments in town.
Freezing rain in the forecast again.
It's one way of wishing winter would settle in
once and for all.

I've reached that magical age
where I need glasses to read.
My arms were getting too short
to make the words come into focus.
Today that should be fixed.

Dearest one and I both looked at the clock last night
sure that it was past bedtime
we were both so tired.
It was 7 pm.
We both groaned.
And went to bed shortly after.
We were just about asleep when this loud breathing
jostled us awake.

Dearest one kidded me there was a bear outside the window.
Then we heard it again.
I went to the bedroom door to find
the energizer bunny with her nose under the door
wanting to come in in the worst way.
I should tell her she breathes loud enough
to get mistaken for a bear.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boy, that's how we were last night. Actually, we were at my mom's playing a game of Scrabble and trying to stay awake when we realized that it was only 6:30! So just to defy that we played a few rounds of a crazy group solitaire game and pushed the limit all the way to 8:45! Then we went home and hit the sack.