Monday, November 10, 2008

Being Known

Home safe and sound.
The last hour and a bit of driving was in pretty well white out conditions.
Thankfully the snow held off until then.
I can't imagine if we'd driven in 12 hours of it.

I am hoping for a sweet sleep tonight.

Here is a post so rich in experience, strength and hope that I printed it out to reread often. Please go read it.
I think it spoke to me at that gut level because when I came back into AA I remember sitting around the tables one day realizing that, if I didn't get honest, I was going to get drunk.

Also, I had a conversation last week with an old friend
about what is real community.
We were talking about the internet and the relationships found here.
We were also talking about a job opportunity in my home community and when she challenged me on my reasons for not wanting to apply for it, one big one, if I was honest, was because I didn't care to work and be known in my own community. Didn't want to take the chance on people thinking they knew me when they didn't. Didn't want to give them the chance to define me. Much more appealing to go to the city and work "anonymously" there.
That was like a kick in the guts, or rather the ego, when I told her that nugget of truth.
"No, let me just be known online."
Um, yah.

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Anonymous said...

Thought I'd commented here already but I guess not. That post you linked to is really good. Smart.