Saturday, November 08, 2008

Arms Wide Open

Safe and sound at my parents' place.
Other than an hour or so of driving through thick fog, the roads were great.
My mom was totally surprised to see us, which is wonderful. In all her 70 years we have never been able to pull off a surprise so we're gloating for a good while as it may be the first and last time we achieve such a thing. She stood there with her mouth open for a long time and then came the tears. She hugged me once and then talked for a bit and then threw her arms open and hugged me again. If you only knew. We are not a huggy family. My mom is not prone to such outbursts of affection. It is wonderful.

We'll be here all day tomorrow and then drive 600 miles home on Monday.
The road trip has been great so far. Having each other's undivided attention is a good, good thing.


Anonymous said...

Hope, so happy to hear. Brought tears to my eyes. Thought of you tonight on my way back from visiting with my mom.

PS. Did you get my hubby's email? He's more than delighted with the Rohr book. I've only read the first chapter so far and I'm really appreciating it. So many nuggets, I know I'll be re-reading it.

annie said...

What a neat time for me to come back and see what is going on with you! I hope the visit continues to go well.

I have been looking through the posts I have missed. I'm glad to be back and catching up with you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope, Just catching up with you...finally. Glad you made the trip safe and sound. Road trip with a bladder infection? Ouch! Those antibiotics usually kick in and give fast relief. Have a nice visit and a safe trip back home. {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

I nominated you for two awards on my blog.

daisymarie said...

Some of the best conversations Nelson and I have had have been while driving. SOme of our biggest laughs came while playing games to stay awake on long night drives.