Sunday, November 09, 2008

70 Years Young

What fun it was to surprise my mom last night.
We went over to my sisters' where the rest of the family (minus one brother)
was hiding in wait.
We have never pulled off a surprise before so this was extra special. My mom was tickled pink. She got some lovely gifts that showed we've all paid attention to what she likes and it was great to be able to shower her with love in that way.
This morning I washed dishes while my younger brother dried them. That was possibly the first time we did them together in 40 years. I distinctly remember the day when the boys in the family were freed from dish duty because we all fought too much in the process.
Tonight dearest one and I will head to the city and spend the night there before heading for home early tomorrow morning. Of course my family would prefer we stayed here one more night but a night in a hotel is a luxury and we rarely get the chance.
Hopefully the weather holds.


daisymarie said...


Owen said...

Very glad it all went well and may your night at the Ritz be full and happy.

Steve F. said...

"A Night At The Ritz" - sounds like a great movie or a great Queen song. It also sounds like a great treat for someone who is ready for it!

Congratulations on the surprise, congratulations on the sharing and the peaceable kingdom experience in the kitchen.

These are the promises we hear about all the time, coming to life for you. I'm celebrating with you!