Friday, November 28, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday

*The title and the theme is courtesy Conversion Diary.


Yesterday I was going up and down the aisles in the grocery store and was stopped by a man who wanted to know what the difference was between bleach and javex. When I told him they were the same thing, except was one a brand of bleach he replied that they sure charge a lot more for the brand.


A few aisles later I was trying to figure out what kind of dog food to buy because the store was out of our regular brand. A man walked by me and said, "Just buy a bag of this and a bag of that. They'll eat it all anyway." I must have had a puzzled look on my face for him to read my mind like that. Creeped me out.


I have a favourite cashier who hasn't been at her regular til for quite a while. Turns out she'd been on holiday so it was a treat to go through her til yesterday. She has a slightly cynical view of life plus a great sense of humour. She's entertaining, I'll give her that. She can't be more than 27 and has already gone through the death of her dad and her only sibling. I'd be a bit cynical, too if I was her.


I like listening to country and western music on the radio. It plays as I type these posts every day. Some days I feel like I must be turning into my mother who listens to the radio (same music) more than she watches tv. Me, too. (However I am an avid fan of The Amazing Race and Saving Grace.)


Only 6900 words left to write on my novel. Won't you be glad when I stop posting about it? I know I'll be glad to type the words "The End". I feel like I should celebrate somehow but haven't come up with anything yet. Ideas?


We've been getting together with 3 other couples on a weekly basis for 7 years now. We orginally met to study this book and have recently reached the last few pages. Over time we've grown to share our spiritual, parenting, and marriage journeys with one another. One of the couples just went through one of their adult sons surviving a serious car accident. He still can't walk but is alive, which is a miracle. Last night was the first time they were able to make it to one of our gatherings in nearly 2 months so of course on nights like that we don't open the book at all. When we do finish the book we are going to the local indoor swimming pool and are all going to jump off the rope swing. I've never seen anyone middle aged do that so we are either going to garner a lot of applause or we'll be asked to leave for causing so much commotion. Either way, I'm looking forward to it.


I continue to be hopelessly gullible. Dearest One and Youngest Son love to tease me and string me a line. I'm sure I'm a source of great amusement for them. Yesterday I walked into the public library in town and went to put my books in the return bin. A librarian I've known for close to 20 years looked at me and said, "You can't put them there." Obedient person that I am I stopped mid air and looked at her. She then continued, "We just got it cleaned out, you're making more work for us." I told her she shouldn't tease me like that because I am the most gullible person on the planet.


Anonymous said...

When You mentioned a novel finishing ceremony, I immediately thought of the movie "Misery", with Kathy Bates! LOL. We will have to put our heads together and come up something entirely original. My second thought revolved around some kind of very decadent cake(?)

Hope said...

I don't know that movie but the last 7K of words do feel like misery.

Black Pete said...

And on the back stretch, it's Hopester by three lengths, now four. She's putting on a burst, ladies and gentlemen! Looks like the Winner's Circle here!