Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Really Silly

"The snoring I can get used to but not the flailing of arms while you sleep...."

The woman's voice fades as it competes for attention with the sound of of clanking cutlery and waiters taking drink orders. I look up and if I turn my head to the right I can see her in a booth directly in my line of vision. The restaurant is dark and her face is illuminated only by the lamp hanging above their table. Her guy has his back to me and I never do get a glimpse of him. I notice her petite frame, how her blonde hair and fair complexion are complimented by the downy pink blouse she is wearing. Honest to God when I hear people carry on this way and see that their partner doesn't just up and walk out I wonder to myself if the sex is that worth it? I mean, really?

I turn back to my food and realize it was her voice I'd heard earlier when she ranted about getting a text message from a guy she'd dated twice over two years ago. She had a whine to her voice that made me wonder why he'd send her a text message this long after the fact?

As dearest one and I eat our supper her voice fades in and out.
Eventually I hear her start a list of things the guy needs to work on.
Number one is that he needs to try to snore less.
Yes. You got that right.
Try. To. Snore. Less.
"I'll get right on it," I imagine him replying.
I never do get to hear him talk.
I wonder what the rest of her list is.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
The next time I hear her voice she is telling him
with just a slight hint of a threat
that if he doesn't start snoring less
they'll have to sleep in separate bedrooms after they get married.
She's been talking to him like he is a child
every time her voice rises above the din.

Oh. My. Dear. Woman.
I wonder how long she's been trying to get used to the snoring.
From her first sentence up there at the beginning of this post
I thought maybe they'd only spent a night or two together so far.
And here she is planning a wedding and bedrooms and snore control.
As if there is such a thing.

I so want to walk over there
and ask him if he is out of his mind.
What the hell is he doing listening to a woman
tell him to stop snoring so much?
I want to tell him to run for the hills.
I so want to shake her silly.
Really silly.
And ask her how well does she love.
Because in the end it never comes down
to snoring or flailing your arms.
It just doesn't.
Sometimes it starts there but it never ends there.
Oh. My. Dear. Woman. How. Well. Do. You. Love?


Cat said...

how well indeed. Perhaps it is a first love and she is merely sharpening her teeth, so to speak.

How well do you love. I like this sentence, thought provoking...it all starts with the snoring or the toothpaste cap or toilet lid, doesn't it?

Wine and Words said...

How well do I love? Outwardly well. Inwardly I am this annoyed woman at times. I am strong enough to curb any outward sign of inward angst, but it is there...festering, trying to reign. My hope is small at the moment. I will jorney with you.

Steve E. said...

I guess each has to find his/her own way in this world, through this maze of happenings.....Doncha just HATE it when someone is browbeating another--and the other doen't even realize it...or DO they?

Rikkij said...

I love how you watch and become a part of your environment. A guide, if you will. Wonder what he was thinking? Thanks for droppin by my place! ~rick

Black Pete said...

That's why God gave us earplugs...

Thirsty Girl said...

This is really good. I wish I could answer the question "how well do I love?" differently. I have a lot to work on and learn in this area. It is a great question that I need to let float around my brain for a while.

Jim said...

It's good to hear that someone else besides me also sometimes gets caught up in conversation coming from the booth behind. It's also beyond me what young people nowadays think they gain through experiencing "marriage" before it is pronounced "legal". Always...marriage is a commitment, a journey in the making. We may well strengthen the bond as we go, but never do "two become one" other than in common surrender unto the other. My view of the matter, for what it's worth...

Jim said...

That said, I just proceeded downwards, catching up on what I missed while in Pensacola, and want to say that you're amazing, my friend! I'll be praying about that physical hole in your heart and thanking God for the one that He's already healed.....

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is always so hard for me to deal with, the public humiliation of another, whether human or animal seems so unnecessary in life...on the same note, your blog about it was poetic and amazing as you captured that deep discomfort that I have felt so well...thank you for the gratitude check.

waiter said...

I love it when you sing to us. I love this blog!! I will be back!!!

VICKI IN AZ said...

Amazing story
I wonder how old I was when I learned this was not love?