Saturday, March 07, 2009


The trees are doing their hula hoop dance.
There's snow in the forecast, too.
Between the two
I decided to stay home from my AA meeting today.
I just had a good long chat with my sponsor.
I am grateful that she's in my life.

I'm also grateful that I can choose
to stay home or drive to town.
That I know how to own my choices
instead feeling like I'm a victim.
In therapy we work through
all kinds of thought distortions.
I've had many.
They are decreasing little by little.
I'm grateful that little by little is enough for me today.
No more mountain by mountain necessary.
No more all or nothing.

Dearest one and youngest son have been
house sitting most of the past two weeks.
They are home now and I am glad.
Dearest one has the most beautiful smile.
I love when it lights up his whole face.
When rainbow shaped wrinkles appear above his eyebrows.
He's a keeper.

There's a curling bonspiel
on tv for the next week.
I love watching those games.
These days I do less screaming at the TV
because it makes my heart rate go all wonky.
But I cheer them on inside.

There's a long list of things I could do today.
I am grateful for the energy to do any one of them.
I try not to take my good health for granted.
Choice is a wonderful thing.


Lou said...

What a lovely post of contentment.

PS I read back, and am sooo happy you found the little pug!

Cat said...

Wonky hearted woman! That could be the name of a great song - have a great Satruday!

daisymarie said...

Knowing we have choices and making them--it's good stuff!

steveroni said...

Yeah, choice. Used to not know there was a choice. Then when I knew about it, I didn't know how to make one. Now I find, they (choices) are still somewhat experimental--well not really... well, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Amen! Choice is indeed a wonderful thing. :)