Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of Wood Chips & Stone Statues

A friend of mine who I've been hounding to start a blog has done just that. I can still be a first class nag. Check out her marvelous artwork at Wood Chips & Stone Statues. As someone who can't even draw a decent stick figure I am always in awe of those who can do so much more with paint, charcoal, pen and paper.


steveroni said...

OK Hope, I followed instructions to "WC and SS"...you're correct of course, some beautiful work that girl does. Really, she is blest. No 'About Me', so I cannot tell if she is 'one of us' or not.

And yes...I like to know. And No, it is never just curiosity -grin! It's not: "Inquiring minds want to know".

Steve E.

Lou said...

Real talent. Thanks for the link.

I just saw the dogs..OMG..how can you go to work and leave them?!?!?
Their faces..they are missing you already!

Daisy said...

Hope, that was some mighty fine nagging. Thanks for the encouragement, my friend.

Just to let Steve know, I will eventually put up more info of some sort. Not really sure about the "one of us" but I feel like kin when I come here.