Monday, March 02, 2009

It's There

"Prayer isn't basically something that we do - it's something that happens in us and the initiative rests largely with God. Prayer, at its base, isn't about my longing for God, it's about God longing for me. If I'm lucky I get to tune in on that periodically. And I think that most people know this at some level. You don't have to be a mystic to experience this, you only have to be human. God reaches out from the center of each one of us, and finds the time and place when we're able to hear this reaching out. Do you know about prayer reaching out for you? Maybe in just a tiny way? I bet it's there, if you look for it. And I'll bet it's telling you something about how you need to pray. And probably also about how you want to pray!
~ from the blog The Prior's Column


steveroni said...

Hope you've got that figured out completely, don't know how?

Been a long time since I considered that, but that's what the Jesuits taught usyears ago
Steve E.

Anonymous said...

Never quite thought of it that way before....


daisymarie said...

Well, I'm really this should be way easier than it is.