Friday, March 27, 2009

Mantra Chantra

It looks like a lovely day out there.
I am heading out to see Fr. Charlie in a few hours.
Should be an interesting appointment.
He gave me a talking to a while ago.
He's never done that before.
I needed it.

Tonight there is a Big Book Study happening in town.
If I'm not too tuckered out from travelling
a hundred miles in the opposite direction
I'll head in to town.
Someone from south of the border is coming
to speak in our little neck of the woods.
I know I'm going to be intrigued by his accent.

When I lived in another part of the country
I used to rant about the Canadians there
being so influenced by the Americans
right across the border
that they had adopted their accent.
I don't know why I felt so threatened by that
other than it was a time in our history
where my part of the country was ranting
about separating from the rest of it.
I'd rant about that, too.
I ranted about everything.
When I was drunk I thought I ranted
with a touch of charm.

Those of you who've listened to my radio documentary
know I have my very own accent.
I can't hear it.
Isn't that so much like life?
I'm normal, what's your problem?
That was my mantra for ever and ever.

These days I'm glad I am content to be me
and let you be you.
Instead of being threatened by our differences
I can accept them.
I can welcome what we have in common
which is always way more than our differences.
Even if I do end all my sentences with "eh?"


Anonymous said...

hope you make it to the meeting, sounds like a good night of AA, eh? LOL

Findon said...

Nice to meet you Hope. I noticed you'd dropped by and thought I'd come over a say hello. I like the your thoughts.

steveroni said...

Amazing that even when a foreigner speak (from another country -grin!) I can still understand what is coming from the depths of the soul/heart.