Friday, January 02, 2009

Brain Freeze Anyone?

Dearest one just let the energizer bunny out for a pee.
I asked him if it froze mid stream.
It's -47C out there with windchill this morning.

I'm glad to have a warm house.
I'm glad I have things to do inside today.
I'm glad I get to choose my attitude.

I'm not going to complain.
Remember that little hand held computer doo hickey?
Last time I whined about the weather
I went from being 36 to 48 years old.
Yesterday I was 24 years old in brain years.
So I'm going to keep my
newly gone-back-in-time lips
sealed today.
And I'm going to put on a pair of long johns.


annie said...

Sounds like you might need those long johns! Poor dog, having to go out in that weather. I am surprised that she goes. If I was a dog, I don't think I would!

steveroni said...

Where else can I--except in an AA group?--begin thinking/talking about alcoholism, and end up learning more than I ever wished to know about "long johns"?

Gabriella Moonlight said...

OH our dogs look at us like "no way" we'll stick to the pads...LOL! They even have coats. LOL! I hope you stay warm and I love that brain freeze thing cool!!!


Anonymous said...

Yup, brrrrrrr.


Black Pete said...

The dogs amaze me: the instinct to pee away from one's cave (home) is stronger than the instinct to stay indoors on a brutally cold day. Sheba feels the same as Energizer Bunny.

Pam said...

I can't imagine being that cold.
I want a little machine that turns back the years...K? Maybe around the eyes and my neck.

Anonymous said...

Poor EB! Ever so grateful for a warm house on those days!