Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sanctuary Bound

Yesterday we realized just how much time we spend in our living room after I got ambitious, rented one of those rug cleaners, and shampooed the carpet. That meant shoving everything from the livingroom into the kitchen/diningroom and onto the deck. We can barely squeeze around it all to get to the bathroom. The living room was off limits last night as we waited for the carpet to dry. So dearest one and I went for a walk, I chatted on the phone with only daughter and my sponsor. We went to bed early. Sitting in front of the computer is not my idea of a good time when it's the only available option Youngest son pushed the easy chair into a little entry way that faced the livingroom, and watched TV over a small bookcase. The TV was the only thing I didn't move, so youngest son was glad I thought to bring the remote control out of the livingroom.

My living room is a sanctuary to me. It's where I sit and pray, journal, read, and where dearest one and I visit. We live in a small trailer and the livingroom is at one end of it. I can be in there and be oblivious to the mess that may be scattered in the rest of the house. Hmm. That sounds like having a little bit of denial to keep me company. I'm not the greatest housekeeper but the living room is one room I try to keep tidy. Tomorrow the furniture guys will deliver a new couch and loveseat. We've never had new living room furniture. Our old couch was a 1940's antique whose frame was falling apart. It also looked like someone had taken a razor and shaved parts of it bare. I often wondered about the stories that couch would tell if it could. I have a small easy chair from that era as well, and although its seat has a hole worn through and the armrests are threadbare, it's frame is still solid so I'm not ready to part with it yet. It spent yesterday and last night banished to the deck. I can only imagine the story it's getting ready to tell of being put out to pasture. I wonder if it will breathe a sigh of relief when it gets carried over the threshold this evening? I know I will be glad to nestle in its arms again.


Owen said...

Yep, that sofa you sat on when at our place is part of the first set of actual new furniture we've had in 20 years. Our bed has an 12 year old mattress on a frame that's lost everything but the base and that is 25 years old. It's all good. I'm glad you and you old chair will be reacquainted soon and I hope it won't be jealous its new living room companions.

Dana said...

The stories that sofa would tell...and the stories your new living room furniture may tell someone else in 20 years. Interesting.